6 must save beauty hacks for busy mamas

Becoming a mom is such a beautiful experience, but let’s be honest here


Us as moms tend to forget about ourselves often and most often times,




This means time after time that we fall short when it comes to showing up for ourselves.


Showing up for yourself basically means loving and honoring yourself.


We do that by doing the things that make us truly happy.


Making yourself happy can be as simple as eating 3 meals a day to going to therapy.

For me, using the products i love versus buying the cheaper ones is something that tickles my pickle.

Mom life is hard whether your doing it alone or with someone else,


and holy Hanna does life get expensive.


After a deep thought I had as I was writing a completely different blog post,

I decided it would be a good idea to share with you some beauty hacks that work amazing

Particularly for busy mamas like myself 😉


Beauty Hack #1–

Has your life ever been so busy that you are forced to use the same ol’ tube of dried up mascara day after day all because of your own fault of never remembering what you needed when you were at the store?

No fear! Saline solution is here!

*When my tube is running low and I still want to use what I have left I add a couple of drops of saline into my tube of mascara, close it and shake, then swirl the brush around inside the tube.

This helps liquify it up and loosen the crusties and chunks that have formed from it “drying up”.

Seriously, game changer!


Beauty Hack #2–

Do you have dry and dull hair that needs a good pick-me-up?

Deciding on a good hair mask can be difficult when they cost so much for how little you usually get.

I have decided after trying several brands, that coconut oil works best for me.

My husband can’t stand the smell, so husbands beware.

(But, y’all don’t understand!)

Dry and frizzy hair is the worst!

What I do: At night I coat my hair completely with coconut oil (and honestly I use olive oil for this too).

I let it sit for 20 minutes sometimes and sometimes all night long.

Washing it out can be a challenge but the end result is always way softer hair.


Beauty Hack #3–

ok, confession time.

If you follow me on other social media channels you may have seen me talk about this before, but I struggle with acne. Like really bad.

Acne is a terrible confidence killer.

Especially when you grow up around people who are more damaging then they are accepting of your quirks– it can really hit home when you have an intense breakout.

And if you suffer from anxiety and OCD like me– you pick!

Wanna know a trick I just recently learned that has changed my life?


Yep, it’s crazy!! Seriously, whenever you have a big yucky one, or if you just can’t help but pick– lather it up in neosporin and watch the magic happen.

It will heal instead of blister.

It’s safe to say that neosporin will stay in my bathroom bag!


Beauty Hack #4

Ever go out for a hot date and get deodorant like all over your shirt?

If your home, grab a dryer sheet and rub over the spot lightly and watch it disappear!

If you haven’t noticed it until you already left the house, it’s ok!

Just use the inside of your shirt or coat, or any other cotton to rub it out.

Surprisingly, it really works!

Oh and while we’re talking about dryer sheets and frizzy hair, try using one to tame the frizz.

It’s helped me on the humid days– for real!

Speaking of hair.. does it look like you need a shower and you don’t have time?

Look clean in a pinch!


Beauty Hack #5

Snooze button got you this morning didn’t it?

I totally get it.

Finding the time as a mama to drink some water is hard enough, but to actually shower in it?!

Like pulling teeth.

Unfortunately I wake up at the last minute way too often and that means my hair looks like I haven’t showered in months most days.

Baby powder has come to my rescue!

If you haven’t noticed already, I like to save money and sometimes

I don’t feel the need to spend that extra $5 on a bottle of something I already have at home.

All you do is lightly tap the baby powder into the roots of your hair–

(but not much or you will look like grandma)

Then put your fingers on your scalp and light shake back and forth to help spread it over your scalp.

The purpose is for the powder to soak up the extra natural grease in your hair and dry it up making it look cleaner.

PS- you could totally use a little cornstarch too if you don’t have any baby powder.

Last but not least


Beauty Hack # 6

Mom life totally has me drinking more coffee then I ever thought I would!

Being a daily coffee drinker means that you probably have stained teeth…

I’m sorry I had to be the one to say it.

I drink so much coffee everyday, so I get it!

Recently people have been going crazy about that new charcoal toothpaste that makes your teeth super white

But I feel like what I have been using is just as good.

Hydrogen peroxide has been our go to.

Not only do they already put it in toothpastes, but it surprisingly works very well as a teeth whitener!

What we do is dump a 1:1 ratio of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide into a shot glass

And then we swish it, just like normal.

I’m promising you that both my husband and I notice a difference-

I guess I probably wouldn’t be sharing it if it didn’t. Haha

Watch out, because it does get a lot foamier when swishing in your mouth,

but the result is worth it.


Especially when you are ballin’ on a budget

and not looking to spend that extra moo-la of yours on a teeth whitening session.

Anyways, i hope this list is as useful for you and the people in your life as it has been for me.

And as always, remember to stay true to yourself.


You are perfect just the way you are 😘

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