The Number One Thing That Gets Me Through Parenting

Today has been one of those days that you pause more than once to ask yourself if you are really dreaming or if this parenting thing is really your life.

My life is far from perfect.

Parenting is no joke!

I yell at my kids frequently and we eat cereal for dinner far more often than I would like to admit.

As I now have a 6 almost 7 year old son, a 4 year old super sassy daughter, and a one year old boss baby— it’s impossible to not freak out a little bit sometimes.

The cool thing about our little family though, is that we all get each other.

We are honest with our kids.

I apologize for when I’m being an angry mama bear. I just make sure they have the understanding as to what made me that way.

It’s hard to hide much from a curious child when you live in such a small space to begin with,

Not only that, but I can see that they are always listening.

No matter how hard they try to pretend like their not, they are.

It’s our job, or at least I feel like it is to help them understand things for what they are.

In the last 5 years my children have really had to learn how to be independent.

Of course they still have me.

Being as sick as I was and having to be in the bathroom so much, I couldn’t constantly be right next to them.

They learned to be OK with that because we were open with them.

Before anyone goes judging me, I made sure they were safe and taken care of… just so you know.

I mean, have you seen how neglected my children are on Instagram?

It’s terrible.

Jokes aside, my oldest son really had to take the reigns.

He has been amazing through the process and i know it will take him far in life.

He has learned so much and most importantly we have stuck together.

Before their dad started our business he was a CDL driver for a local hauling company and he worked all the time.

We have never had help and if at all it was very minimal.

It’s always just been us.

There’s been so many days where I was emotional from being sick so much and always trying to hide it.

For the longest time no one had a clue what was going on In our home or what parenting really looked like for us.

And I was ashamed of it. Children learn how to cope, though.

Parenting isn’t always what you see on social media. 

Just like I did, just like they did during the depression, and all the another dark days many others have lived through.

It’s truly all about perspective.

Obviously we don’t share every little thing with them…

We have stuff we keep to ourselves that has absolutely nothing to do with them

When I mess up or do something I end up feeling bad about, I apologize to my kids.

Their dad and I are both good at agreeing on pretty much everything so we never feel that pressure from one another.. thankfully.

It’s always that personal guilt.. mom guilt.

Don’t we all have it?

I worry so much about the choices I make for my children and I know for certain that I’m far far from perfect.

But they do know I’m doing my best, and they know their dad is too.

That’s the best we can do.

I am now a full time blogger and that alone takes so much of my time. It’s nice that I am able to be at home with my kids, yes…

But holy buckets do I stay super busy at home.

Blogging isn’t as easy peasy as it seems.

And I don’t even do it for money!

This is my passion!

This was the beginning of it all for me.

It was so nice to be able to finally expose that part of my life that I felt entrapped in for so long.

Now with all of the experience I have had in all of this I can move forward and try to take the next step.

The things we go through in life aren’t always meant to break us.

Pressure always feels uncomfortable and sometimes hurts, but the outcome is almost always glorious.

So what it is that gets me through parenting is honesty.

If we start to teach our kids these things and give them the tools to get through the hard times

I’m almost positive it will be easier for them to endure the hardships.

How long has it taken you to be real with yourself?

We need to be real with our kids now and moving forward.

They are our future.

Parenting is so much more effective when we are parenting with positive intention.

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